Cocktail Party Selection #3

Chilled shrimps with traditional spicy cocktail sauce.*

Beef carpaccio canapes. Beef tenderloin with arugula and parmagiano reggiano wafers.*

Vegetables Escabeche - an assortment of brightly coloured vegetables in a briny marinade.

Crispy asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, parmagiano reggiano and phylo pastry.*

Mushrooms stuffed with porcini mushrooms and camembert cheese*

Tuna nicoise ficelle hors d'oeuvre. A classic salade nicoise served in a thin french baguette
and sliced into bite size pieces.*

Steak au Poivre crostini*

Grilled zucchini and roasted red pepper canapés.*

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber canapés.*

Prosciutto ham and celeric remoulade canapés.*

Caprese crostini - cherry tomato, mozzarella de buffalo and basil *

Salmon cubes crusted with ground cumin, coriander and fennel seed mixture
with citrus dipping sauce.*

Prosciutto wrapped shrimp grilled with rosemary and fennel
infused extra virgin olive oil.*

Chicken piri piri with spicy dipping sauce.*

Twice baked truffle potatoe wedges served on a bed of kosher salt.*

* total 15 pieces per guest

* items are interchangable between Selection #1, #2 and #3



Celery, carrots, asparagus, cucumber, yellow beans, daikon and cherry tomatoes
served with buttermilk peppercorn dip.
Endive, snow peas, celery hearts and cucumber, radish and daikon slices with
a choice of wasabi, dill or carrot cardamom flavoured or plain cream cheese.

Your choice of honey roasted almonds, ginger scented pecans, toasted peanuts with Indian spices,
mixed nuts with rosemary and shallots and spicy paprika cashews.

Pita toasts served with your choice of fruit and vegetable salsa, mixed tomato salsa,
apple ginger and beet salsa or tropical fruit salsa.

Cheese board with a selection of hard and soft Canadian and European cheeses
with crackers and a variety of bread slices.

Fruit platter with a selection including melons, berries, grapes, pineapple
and other exotic fruits.

$26.00 per person

Chefs Timothy Knowles and Deborah Keegan

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