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Chefs Timothy Knowles and Deborah Keegan have designed a series of one (1) and five (5) cooking classes, to be delivered in your home. With the flexibility needed to work into your busy daily schedule, our classes are designed to help you polish your culinary skills and provide you with time saving recipes, healthy cooking suggestions and safe food preparation techniques. You can personalize your own learning program by selecting classes from our extensive library of course suggestions.

In our culinary techniques classes you choose from the following list of class material:
- Preparing basic stocks (fish, chicken, beef)
- Preparing classical soups (cream, clear, thick)
- Preparing basic sauces (béchamel, tomato, brown)
- Food preparation techniques (braising, grilling, roasting)
- Proper kitchen terminology
- Using herbs and spices
- Preparing salads and crudités
- Selecting proper kitchen equipment
- Classical food preparations ( French Onion Soup, Coq au Vin, Sole Bonne Femme, Mushroom Quiche)

In our specialty cooking classes you will choose from a selection of regional cooking classes:
The specialty classes will familiarize you with the style of, and special ingredients particular to each regional cuisine. Appetizers, first and second courses and desserts will be prepared in most classes. You will plate your creations and enjoy a great a meal with an accompanying wine that we recommend. Course notes, recipes and food information will be provided for each class. Lessons are approximately three hours in duration, Monday through Saturday, afternoon or evening.

Individual lesson (one person) from $150.00.
Series of 5 lessons (one person) from $550.00.

Payable in full upon booking.
Payment is nonrefundable.
Classes may be rescheduled with 24 hours notice.

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