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Greek Cuisine

Dining in Greece is an activity that stimulates all the senses; the food is aromatic, pungent and colourful and it is consumed with great gusto. Whether eaten at home, in a taverna or in a restaurant it is accompanied by animated conversation, and appreciation of the food is loud and unequivocal. The recipes of Greece are simple, based on fresh ingredients; many are highly flavoured and aromatic; all taste better when shared with friends.

Sample Classes

Spanakopittes me Tyri - Baked Cheese and Spinach Pie
Dolmathes me Latholemono - Stuffed Grape Leaves with Latholemono Sauce
Kephtethakia - Highly Flavored Meat Croquettes
Polpetes - Potato Kephtethakia with Cheese
Saganaki - Fried Cheese
Mezethakia - Small Appetizers

Karotta ke Kremithi Khoriatika - Carrots and Onions a la Greque
Krema Fistikiou - Pistachio Creams

Psaria Plaki sto Fourno - Crusty Baked Fish
Psaria Skharas Khoriatika - Grilled Fish
Domata Salata Patroparadoti - Traditional Tomato Salad

Garithes Youvetsi - Shrimp in a Pot with Feta
Khoriatiki Salata - Country Salad ( Greek Salad)
Mythia me Risi - Saffron Rice with Mussels
Kataifi Bourekakia - Kataifi Nut Rolls with Caramel Sauce

Arni Klephtiko - Lamb Cooked in Paper
Angouri Salata - Cucumber Salad with Honey and Vinegar Sauce
Manitaria Khoriatiko - Mushrooms a la Greque
Kremithia sto Fourno - Honey-glazed Onions

Arni Souvlakia Yiaourti - Yogurt Lamb Souvlakia
Panzaria Nisiotika - Beets Island Style
Pilafi me Staili Korinthiako - Pilaf with Currants and Pine Nuts
Pita - Pita Bread
Tsatsiki - Yogurt and Cucumber Salad

Avga Khoriatiki - Villager's Eggs
Eliopsomo - Olive Bread
Salata Kritiki - Orange and Watercress Salad Cretan Style

Avgolemono Soupa me Kephtethes - Avgolemono Soup with Kephtethes
Arnaki Tiligmeno me Phyllo - Aromatic Lamb Phyllo Rolls
Salatika Nisiotika - Island Greens Salad
Baklava - Honey nut cake.

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