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Michael and Nobuyo Stadtlander
at Eigensinn Farm

A couple of weeks ago Deborah and I had dinner at Michael Stadtlander's Eigensinn Farm. We had heard so much about the farm but we had never spoken to anyone who had actually eaten there. I was curious to eat at a restarurant that had been ranked 9th best in the world by London based "Restaurant" magazine.


Michael and Nobuyo moved to Eigensinn farm in the summer of 1993. They treat a dozen or so dinner guests a few nights a week to a masterpiece seven course meal. We enjoyed their own smoke house ham, fresh from the garden organic asparagus, homemade black current preserves and farm grown lamb, skillfully prepared and artfully presented. It's well worth the trip. Make a weekend of it, there are lots of great B&B's around and in the summer the "Symphony in the Barn" is only a few minutes away.


Stadlander's farm is located outside Collingwood, near Singhampton.

Michael & Nobuyo Stadtlander
Eigensinn Farm
RR#2 Singhampton Ontario

(519) 922-3128

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