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Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Want to stimulate your senses, get the taste buds going? You should visit Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard shop at the St. Lawrence Market. Jeremy the owner who really knows how to make mustard magic is more than willing to let you sample any one of his over 30 different types of mustard. You'll never meet a man who is as into mustard as Jeremy.


The Tea Leaf

As part of a new healthier lifestyle, Deborah had begun to serve, tea as part our evening meal. With lovely celedon china, thoughtful preparation and formal serving, our tea has become a relaxing eagerly anticipated part of the end of our busy day. Our selection has grown to include not only Green and Spiced Black Teas but a variety of Fruit Infusions and soothing Herbal Blends.

The Wholesome Market

Deborah and I have made a real effort to change the way we live our lives, how we eat, what we eat and our activity levels. We have made a real effort to improve our state of physical and mental well being. This has made us much more conscious of what we put into and how we treat our bodies. "The Wholesome Market" has been a key factor in ensuring we are able to meet our goals. You should check it out today.

Ponesse Foods

At Biaggio Ristorante, like chefs in many other downtown restaurants, "Hey Mario" was the way I started my day. First thing in the kitchen every morning, I did a fruit and vegetable order for Ponesse. Mario who had been up and at the food terminal by 4 o'clock in the morning had the order filled and in the restaurant within the hour. Ponese is the biggest and best fruit and vegetable operation at the St. Lawrence Market.

Meat on the Beach

I'd like you to meet Ernesto. He owns the butcher shop that used to be at the end of our street. Every day we walked to pick up whatever we needed from his shop. It was small and packed with the best free range chicken, beef and pork, pasta, oils, and breads, homemade cakes and pies, cookies and scones, salads and salamis. He's moved to a bigger shop just down the street. You just have to check this place out.

Domenic's is at the back on the left hand side of the St. Lawence market. He has a great selection of fresh whle fish, shrimp and scallops, prepared seafood salads, calamari, cut fish in steaks and fillets, fresh and salt water prawns and a whole selection of fresh frozen seafood products.


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