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Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Want to stimulate your senses, get the taste buds going? You should visit Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard shop at the St. Lawrence Market. Jeremy, the owner who really knows how to make mustard magic is more than willing to let you sample any one of his over 30 different types of mustard. You'll never meet a man who is as into mustard as Jeremy. Drop by and say hello and tell him Timothy and Deborah said to say hello..

Three varieties of mustards produce seeds. Black mustard seed is the most pungent of the three. It is used extensively in Indian cooking, giving bite to curries. Large yellow seeds are native to the Mediterranean region. These are the ones most often used whole, either added to marinades or pickling brines, or sautéed as part of a seasoning mix. It is also the mildest of the three, and is used in the production of yellow mustard. Brown mustard is the one used to make Dijon-style mustards.

Once the seeds are ground into powder you can add almost anything to it to make what is called prepared mustard. It seems to be only limited by the ingredients available and Jeremy's imagination. I love the "Lime & Honey". Drop by the shop and try Jeremy's newest creation "Balsamic, Dates & Figs" Check out the web site for a full list of the over thirty varieties available at Anton Kozlik's Canadian Mustard shop.



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