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The Tea Leaf

As part of a new healthier lifestyle, Deborah had begun to serve tea as part our evening meal. With lovely celedon china, thoughtful preparation and formal serving, our tea has become a relaxing eagerly anticipated part of the end of our busy day. Our selection has grown to include Green and Spiced Black Teas as well as a variety of Fruit Infusions and soothing Herbal Blends.

One Saturday, we met Catherine Lashko, proprietor of "The Tea Leaf", a new shop selling "Loose Leaf Tea and Tisane" in the Beaches. Catherine, a well known Sommelier and former Food and Beverage director of the Windsor Arms Hotel, who has turned all her attention to tea, took us for a whirlwind tour of her world of more than 80 exotic teas and intoxicating Tisanes.


You have to meet Catherine. She is featured in this summers Lifestyle Events schedule at the LCBO in and around Toronto. Catherine will help you discover delightful and delicious combinations of tea and spirits that will make your next afternoon tea a very special occasion to remember. To meet Catherine at the LCBO check out their web site or even better drop by the shop and soothe your senses in Catherine's exotic world of teas and tisanes.

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