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The Wholesome Market

Deborah and I have made a real effort to change the way we live our lives, how we eat, what we eat and our activity levels. We have made a real effort to improve our state of physical and mental well being. This has made us much more conscious of what we put into and how we treat our bodies. "The Wholesome Market" has been a key factor in ensuring we are able to meet our goals. You should check it out today.

Learning to buy fresher, unprocessed food on a more frequent basis, to prepare food in a manner which maintains its maximum nutritional value and changing to a diet lower in saturated fats has been our goal over the last 2 years. Hanif, Taslin & the staff at The Wholesome Market" have been great in helping us meet our goal. Their knowledgeable assistance and dedication to provide the best and freshest products available is second to none. The arugula and watercress are the best I have ever had. They have a great assortment of organic dairy products and whole grain breads and pastries.

On the wall of the "The Wholesome Market" they have a large sign stating their mission statement, one that I can say they really work to achieve.

"We are dedicated to providing the best quality products" "We are committed to serving the community in a unique, holistic way" "We are here to nourish, teach, heal and learn from each other"



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