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'CENT'ARE' Duca di Castelmonte

Last year during our Southern Italian Food & Wine Tour, one of the most memorable meals of our trip was in Marsala in south west Sicily. We were attracted by the cool shade of the white canvas umbrella's in the cobble stoned courtyard of "Divine... Rosso", a Ristorante-Enoteca just inside the west walls of the city. It was there that we enjoyed 'CENT'ARE' Duca di Castelmonte for the first time.

To preserve the character of Sicilian wine, Duca di Castelmonte wines maintain the tradition of growing the local varietals. Every aspect of the Duca di Castelmonte wine production respects the passion the family has for producing fine quality wine. From the selection of the vineyards, the viticulture, to the wine-making and the maturation for 6 months in French barrique; the family is committed to quality. 'CENT'ARE' table wine made from Nero d'Avola grapes is refined with a smooth velvety taste.


CENT'ARE' (V)   IGT Sicilia   (Duca di Castelmonte)

VINTAGES tasting note: Medium dark ruby/purple. Pronounced aromas of blackberry, mulberry and blueberry. Rustic charm. Dry, medium full-bodied and balanced. Flavours of ripe blackberry, sour cherry, new leather and light oak replay on the palate. Medium tannins. Warm, fruity mid-length finish.
546192    (D)   750 mL    $12.95   


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